Gumbo Recipe – My Style

When it’s a cold and dreary day out, all I want is a bowl of something warm and comforting. Nothing will fulfill that craving like a good old bowl of gumbo. Now I should start with a disclaimer that by no means is this recipe authentic, but given that I’ve added a personal twist, it will make this personalized recipe rustic and extra delicious! This recipe will serve 6 to 8 people. Let’s get started!
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Holy Grail Makeup Products

When it comes to makeup and beauty products, I like to consider my sister and I experts by default given our overwhelming obsession! Given that my sister and I have different skin types, undertones and are 7 years apart, we are able to provide you a broad range of reviews on both high end and drug store products. Let us do the reviews, so you, only spend your money on worth while beauty products. Continue reading “Holy Grail Makeup Products”